What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing drives product specific audiences to your business and helps create a stronger relation with the customers.

Email marketing plays a huge role in attracting long term customers and potential customers to a business. It is the means of generating customized emails for specific audiences and then emailing them in an effort to get their attention to one’s product. 

Email marketing can be used to market one or more than one products at a time. To implement successful email marketing, one must use all the attention-grabbing factors such as colorful pictures, affordable prices, unique and catching headlines and much more.

Pros of Email Marketing

  • Affordable

E-mail Marketing can be pricey but Ray Solutions provides you with the most affordable e-mail marketing services. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for e-mail marketing. We have several budget friendly plans customized specifically for our customers who are new to business and marketing.

  • Customizable

E-mail marketings are very effective in getting you new customers. The best thing about it is that each e-mail can be customized to target a specific group of customers. You can add whatever product you think is desired by the customer with whatever price you think is best. You can make the email advertisement look as appealing as you can with whatever features you like to add.

  • Quick and Efficient

In this era of Internet, you don’t specifically have to advertise your products on billboards and then wait for people to go outside and see. You can use e-mail marketing and it is ten times more quick and efficient in driving new audience to your business. All you need is to hit the “send button” after you’ve designed your e-mail and you’ve done with your responsibility.

  • Data Tracking and Analytics

E-mail marketing makes it easier to track data and study analytics. It helps a brand know about the interests of their customers and then tailor products exactly according to their needs. It also helps a company know about analytics like what age group buys their products the most, from where their customers got to know about their business or how many people proceeded to their website after receiving an email advertisement etc.

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

After receiving and opening personalized e-mails, customers develop an idea that you value about their needs. If they have any query, they can directly reply back with an e-mail. Since it is a form of quick message exchange, customers feel more valued and therefore, are more likely to buy and recommend your products.

  • Increase in Brand’s Exposure

E-mail marketing is just another way of expanding your brand’s name. It helps attract a wider audience with broader interests. Your website is more likely to be visited, your brand more likely to be searched, and your products more likely to be bought with e-mail marketing.

How does E-mail Marketing work?

E-mail marketing is a great step towards finding potential customers and encouraging the old customers to buy new products. It can be done by two ways, one of which is by subscribing to a website. 

When a new visitor visits and interacts with your website, a popup shows up asking him/her to your website to get to know about latest updates, products, and offers. 

Once they enter their email address, you can then send them personalized professional emails encouraging to buy your product by introducing different offers. It is a very effective way to get new customers and attract them without even using a penny.

Another way is e-mail advertisements. It involves the use of cookies and tracking the user’s internet search activities. Cookies help you identify a person’s interests and suggest them products designed for their needs. 

When an internet user visits your website, a popup shows asking them for the permission of cookies. 

Once they accept it, you will get to know about their preferences according to which you can send them personalized email advertisements of your products.

Why Choose Us for Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

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Why Choose Us for Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

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